Sunday morning in San Diego

This morning I woke up just like any other Sunday eager to start breakfast for my familia. Ever since I was a kid I remember making pancake breakfast for my family in Mexico. It is no secret also that my wife and son love pancakes and so the adventure to assemble a different presentation began. I went to a local store just blocks away from our apartment and found my way around the aisles looking for a gluten free pancake mix, fruit to top the pancakes and to make a jam, almond milk because we like that option, and some other stuff for lunch and dinner.

I will not bore you with a long detail story this time, instead I’ll get right to the point. Use whatever pancake mix you like, or I can share my recipe that I developed during a few years. In this occasion I just went with the store packaged option. The secret about pancakes is to find the pancakes you like, the right consistency, fluffiness and sweetness.

Tips for extra flavor and health if you buy a pancake mix:

Use apple sauce instead of oil, add amaranth or other grains for good source of protein, omega-3′s and fiber. Add some chopped fruit like apples, pears, you know, something that doesn’t make a mess while cooking it. When using berries or bananas, the stuff that becomes mushy when its heated, I rather use it as a topping. And of course, make your own jam, like a strawberry jam in my example this time. So, get your cooking gloves and follow this easy 5 step to a delicious and healthy pancake breakfast that will go straight into your loved ones heart and if you want me to assist you learning and get comfortable in learning healthy breakfast options for you and your family give me a call, send me an email or find me surfing on the web.

1. Add fresh home made jam to pancake #1

2. Add preferred brand or home made hazelnut butter

3. Add bananas

4. Add blueberries


Glutten free,  house made strawberry jam, topped with fruit pancakes.

Glutten free, house made strawberry jam, topped with fruit pancakes.